Policy on Off-Season ToursWinter

The Ethan Allen Homestead is open May-October daily from 10:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m. for tours and visitors. We will, however, open up for educational and large group tours during the off-season! If you contact us via e-mail or phone, we will be happy to work out plans!

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Please note:

During the off-season we spend our time managing upkeep and planning for the next season. While we are happy to give a tour, we must have certain guidelines.

1. It will not be the exact experience as during the open season due to weather constraints, and exhibits are usually being repaired or updated. The objects in the Allen house are often brought into the main building for upkeep.

2.  We must have at least a minimum advance notice of 10 days and receive a down payment of $25.00.

3. We must have at least 10 confirmed attendees or $100.00 guaranteed payment.

4. Any cancellation of pre-planned  tours must received at least 48 hours prior to scheduled date or down payment will be forfeited.