14th 3-7 p.m. Harvest Dinner

In the 18th Century, Autumn was the time of year where the harvest was brought in, and there was finally some freedom from the labors of farm life. Harvest festivals come from traditions where the community gathered to share in the bounty of their labor. We invite you to join us in honoring that tradition at Ethan Allen’s Homestead in Burlington, VT.


 Tickets on Sale Now through September 30th!


-Several dinner choices utilizing farm raised meat, venison, and local produce!

-Desserts based on 18th Century recipes!

-18th Century Beverages!

-Fiddle Music!

-Harvest Festival Games and Activities!

Dressing Up In 18th Century Clothing Is Encouraged! Prizes Awarded!



15th     2:00 p.m.   Vermont's Election Sermons

For 60 years, the best preachers of Vermont gave their best sermons on the day of General Election, which was the name for the first day of the legislative session. These sermons represent a unique opportunity to view the history and character of early Vermont from a religious and social perspective. The custom stopped in 1834, then started again 18 years later for three years, before the practice of a full sermon was abandoned.

The first full study of these sermons is the subject of an essay under construction by Paul Gillies, a lawyer/historian who has previously written and lectured on Vermont legal and judicial history. Paul has spoken at the Homestead lecture series previously, and returns on October 15 to describe the sermons and the ministers who gave them against the backdrop of Vermont’s struggle for statehood, through two wars, and the rising social movements of the era, including temperance, abolition of slavery, and the offcial support of religion.