Ethan Allen Day 


The history of Vermont's frontier is dominated by Ethan Allen and his exploits, from his efforts to support the rights of frontier homesteaders in the New Hampshire Grants, to the capture of Fort Ticonderoga and the cannon needed to support the Continental Army. In honor of his contributions, the Governor of Vermont declared June 23 "Ethan Allen Day"! 

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Why June 23rd?

On June 23rd, 1775 Ethan Allen and Seth Warner traveled to Philadelphia and appeared before the Continental Congress. At this point, despite their early victories in the American War of Independence, both men and the Green Mountain Boys were considered outlaws due to their efforts to prevent the Colony of New York from establishing authority over settlements in Vermont. During the audience before Congress, Ethan Allen was Comissioned a Lt. Colonel in the Continental Army, and the Green Mountain Boys were recognized as part of the fledgling Continental Army. While Allen would not remain in command of the Green Mountain Boys for the entire duration of the war, the regiment would serve with distinction.

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