Ethan Allen Timeline

1738 Jan. 21 Ethan Allen is born in Litchfield County, Connecticut.
1755 Apr. Ethan's father dies, forcing Ethan to give up dreams of attending college.
1757 Summer EA joins Litchfield County militia as a private
1760 Apr. 4 Fanny Montresor is born
1762 Jan. Ethan becomes part owner of an iron works near Salsbury
June 23 Marries Mary Brownson
1766-1767 Travels to the New Hampshire, or "Wentworth" Grants, to trap and explore
1770 Feb. EA chosen as agent for the Wentworth Title holders
1771 Summer Green Mountain Boys organized at Catamount Tavern in Bennington. Ethan is elected colonel commandant
Nov. 27 EA, Remember Baker, Robert Cochran, and six others declared outlaws by New York
1772 Jan. Ethan Allen, Robert Cochran, & Remember Baker issue "counter reward to New York Governor Tyron's Bloody Act."
1773 Jan. Onion River Land Company formed
Aug. Remember Baker killed
1774 Mar. 9 New York Governor Tyron raises reward on Ethan Allen to $250
1775 Jan. Ethan publishes "A Brief Narrative. . ."
May 10 Ethan Allen with Benedict Arnold at his side, leads Green Mountain Boys to capture of Fort Ticonderoga
June 22 Ethan Allen & Seth Warner appear before Continental Congress in Philadelphia
July 4 New York Assembly hears Ethan and Seth Warner and authorizes a Green Mountain Regiment at New York expense
July 26 Seth Warner elected Colonel of Green Mountain Regiment
Sept. 24 Ethan captured attacking Montreal
1778 May 6 Prisoner exchange involving EA arranged
May 31 Ethan Allen returns from captivity
Sept. Ethan presents Vermont claims for statehood to Congress in Philadelphia
1780 July Ethan receives first letter from loyalist John Beverly Robinson leading to Haldimand Negotiation
1781 March Ethan forwards Beverly Robinson's letters (Haldimand Negotiations) to Congress
1784 Feb. 9 Marries Fanny
Summer Ethan moves to Burlington
1787 May 1 Letter detailing exchange of lands (Homestead)
1789 Feb. 12 Ethan Allen dies.